It’s Going Up – February 2020

Our new scout hut is rising like a phoenix out of the rubble of the old one!

General view of the new scout hut
A view of the metal skeleton of the main building and the walls of the smaller hall and storage rooms.
Pouring concrete to form the floor.
A bit drafty at the moment 😊
The back of the main building next to the railway line.
Lots of soil has been moved!
The view from above.


Over the past few months we have been concentrating on raising as much money as possible to reach our target of £2.2m. We have received donations from trusts, local businesses and businessmen and from individuals, both past and present Scouts. We have held several fundraising events so far with more on the calendar for December and February.

As building works have now started, money is being spent very quickly and therefore we need to step up our efforts to raise the remaining amount we still need to complete the hall.


Bulldozer demolishing scout hut

After over two and a half years of planning, the bulldozers have moved in and our new Scout Hall project is underway.

Work on the Jubilee Scout Hall commenced on the 21st October with an estimated 45-week delivery programme enabling our Scouts to return to the new hall in September 2020.

workmen at scout hut

With the hall finally being cleared of all Scout equipment in September, the handover of keys was made to Armfield Construction who were appointed as the principal contractor for the re-development works.

The new premises will consist of two halls and shared facilities – one smaller hall and a large hall that can be divided into two which will potentially enable three activities to run simultaneously. A large car park will be available to avoid the need to park on the road, with improved wider and less steep access (if you have driven past recently you will have already seen the reshaped entrance).

Inside the new premises there will be modern catering facilities, safer access to storage facilities for the Scout Camp equipment and toilet and washing facilities for the field.

We are hoping to incorporate a purpose-built indoor climbing wall into the structure to expand our activities for the Scouts.

The building will embrace modern energy-efficient heating and lighting whilst improving its green credentials with improved installations.

Group Camp 2019

As a final farewell to our old hall, we finished with our annual Group Camp on our field adjacent to the hall. Over 130 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorer Scouts camped overnight in tents and hammocks. After completing a new and old town wide scavenger hunt in the afternoon, the Scouts held a traditional campfire with the roasting of marshmallows.

With Sunday morning finishing off with a game of Tug of War, we gave the hall a sending off to be proud of.

Tug of war on scout field